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What you think is important . . .  how you think is more important.

The world is changing at a rate unprecedented in human history. To build upon your success, expand your effectiveness, and to remain professionally competitive, the ability to learn, adapt, and apply new ideas has become today's most important competency.

Leadership Book by Ron Black


The Everyday Superhero's Action Guide to Plan and Deliver High-Stakes Projects

by Ron Black

Are you facing a project or initiative that can't afford to fail? Tap into your everyday superpowers and lead your team to success! 

It's make or break time for your career. Your next initiative requires the best from everyone on the team—even those who don't report to you. Want to lead success like a seasoned pro? Let an adviser for over 250 startups and 4 turnarounds teach you how to deliver results. Distilled from the Trust Your Cape® keynote, LEADERSHIP -The Everyday Superhero's Action Guide... Ron Black details his action-oriented blueprint for planning and leading high-stakes projects and initiatives.

In this book you'll discover how to:

  • Engage your everyday leadership superpowers—Clarity, Action, Purpose, and Enthusiasm
  • Use what you have right now to transform intentions into results
  • Harvest stakeholder wisdom and build engagement that drives purposeful action
  • Learn simple and effective planning techniques that improves communication, pin-points responsibility, and keeps you in control
  • Avoid deadly mistakes, mishaps, and problems before they can damage results or tarnish your reputation

Tap into your everyday superpowers. Transform ordinary into extraordinary. Build your CAPE with Ron and bring out the best in yourself and your team!

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Acrobatics for Overachievers

Control-Point Time Management for Today's Ultra-Busy Professional

Missed deadlines, churning priorities, and 50-hour work weeks plague today's high-achievers. With this timely approach you'll learn how to apply six powerful productivity principles and a novel control-point technique that obsoletes traditional time-management methods.

  • Take control of your productivity and achievement
  • End deadline panic forever
  • Master competing priorities and projects with ease
  • Get more done, get home sooner, and have more energy left to live!

This energizing video seminar on DVD transforms the way you work. It was recorded in front of six live audiences and crafted into a powerful multimedia experience that engages, entertains, and enlightens.

The program is broken into 4 learning segments of 35 to 55 minutes each, providing many options for fitting skill development into busy schedules.

Master the principles of productivity and success at your own pace, from your laptop or in the comfort of your living room. You can even use the system to boost your team's productivity by bringing this engaging and entertaining program into your conference room. (Just add pizza and you can train the whole team at a lunch and learn!)

Tune up your success skills even while you're on the go! The companion Audio CD set allows you to listen to the program in your car,

Both the video DVD and audio CD sets include a printable (PDF) 26-page Action Guide on disc to boost your productivity and help you get the results you really want.

Part 1: Unleash your potential with this innovative approach that blends the best of time management, project management, and life balance into a powerful success system. (46:34)

Part 2: Master the essentials of achievement. Set effective goals and milestones, focus on the results you want, and spend your most precious commodity - time - with the care it deserves. (42:32)

Part 3: A fast and fun learning tour of the principles of productivity including pragmatic instruction on how to establish daily focus zones and identify task control points to make everyday a success. (34:36)

Part 4: Learn the four keys to project success, how to avoid fatal planning errors, using the work breakdown structure, and how to establish realistic schedules using CPM Gantt and Node charts. (55:29)

Get more done... get home sooner... have more energy left to live!

Acrobatics for Overachievers

Control-Point Time Management for Today's Ultra-Busy Professional

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4 Video DVDs
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CD Audio Seminar
4 Audio CDs
1 PDF Action Guide on CD


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Video & Audio Set
 4 Video DVDs and 4 Audio CDs
2 PDF Action Guides on CD
(10 discs in all)

$499.90 $368.00
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My national distribution partners think I'm crazy not to sell the Video DVD Seminar set at $1,995.00. They keep reminding me that you can train your entire company with one set! And I keep reminding them, "that's the point!" (Just add a conference room, pizza, and sodas for a weekly "lunch and learn".)

My personal guarantee: If you don't get more done, get home sooner, and have more energy left for living your life, I'll promptly return your investment, no questions asked!

You have nothing to lose and much to gain... click the Add-to-Cart button and start your success transformation right now!  

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Acrobatics for Overachievers

Seminar on DVD Content Outline

Creating Success One Day at a Time

  • Work and Lifestyle Balance - Imperatives for Long-Term Success
  • The Multi-Tasking Myth
  • Overtime and Productivity Debunked
  • Five Daily Imperatives that will Improve Your Productivity
  • The Golden Rules of Achievement

The Elements of Achievement

  • Definitions—the Vocabulary Tools of Success
  • Characteristics of Today's Effective Goals
  • Communicating Time Milestones to Yourself and Your Team
  • Describe the Results You Really Want

Choose How to Spend Your Time

  • Putting the Important vs. Urgent Decision Strategies Matrix to Work

Productivity Principles

  • Debunking Conventional Prioritization Systems
      Importance x Urgency = Priority: An Outdated Formula for Failure
  • Pareto’s Principle - Wisdom at Work
  • Parkinson’s Law in the Age of Information
  • Slight-Edge Theory
  • Knowing Your Energy Cycle
  • Strategic Reserve Time

Scheduling and Controlling Your Results

  • Establish Daily Focus Control Zones
  • Communicating Time Control Points
  • Applying the Control-Point Time and Task Management System

Scheduling and Controlling Group Results

  • Four Keys to Project (and Work Group) Success
  • Work Breakdown Structure - Focusing on Results
  • Applying the WBS - Mastering the Key to Effective Planning
  • Task Analysis Chart - Creating a High Performance To-Do List
  • Using the Critical Path Method to Create Control-Point Schedules
  • Organizing Work, Team Work, and Your Success
      Gantt Chart Essentials for Work Groups
      Network Diagrams and the Critical Path Thinking

Dealing with Productivity Obstacles

  • Taming the Big Four Productivity Killers
  • Communication Effectiveness and Your Productivity
  • Dealing with Stress


  • Work and Lifestyle Balance
  • Multi-Tasking Myth
  • Overtime and Productivity

Save 26% when you order both today!

Complete DVD Video Seminar and
Audio CD Companion Set $368.00

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The CIG to Project Management with Microsoft Project 2003

by Ron Black

The focus of this book is successful project management, not Microsoft Project. Too many new project managers pick up the software, follow Project's guide, and find themselves focusing on all the wrong issues. This book will take you from planning a simple project through more complex techniques, step-by-step, encouraging you to keep your plan simple and effective. The project is not the plan...the project is tangible results delivered on time and on the satisfaction of your stakeholders.

The first version of this book (for MS Project 2000) was the best selling technical book in the Idiot Guide series. This version was completely rewritten and includes Project 2000, 2002, and 2003. It is also useful for those who use the 2007 Standard (stand-alone version) of MS Project.

SORRY! OUT OF PRINT! Check with your online retailer or if you really must have one, let me know and I'll try negotiating for my Mom's last copy. ;)

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