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Mobilize Your Everyday Superpowers

Radically Improve Your Performance

Trust Your CAPE®

Motivational Leadership Speaker Ron Black on stageBring out the Best in Yourself and Your Team

Trust Your CAPE!

Leadership speaker Ron Black delivers fun-filled, inspirational programs and workshops that spurs achievement, engages teams, and brings out the very best in participants and their organizations.

"Absolutely fantastic – not only entertaining, but informative, well put together, and engaged the audience. Really one of the best speeches I've ever, ever seen." -Ben H., Robert Half Technology

Engage Your Inner Superhero

We all can achieve more. When challenges arise, pressure mounts, and results seem out of reach... it's time to Trust Your CAPE!

Ron helps everyday superheroes aim higher, sharpen their intentions, focus on meaningful results, and leap into action! Identify and mobilize your organization's everyday superpowers with Clarity, Action, Purpose, and Enthusiasm. Transform your achievement from ordinary to extraordinary!

"His leadership message really resonated with me. I feel I can take it and use it at my work..." -Lee G., Rockwell Automation

Unleash your Sidekick's Superpowers

Everyday superheroes don't work alone – effective leaders tap into their sidekicks' and customers' everyday superpowers to accelerate their entire organization's achievement and success! Everyday superheroes mobilize their teams' and customers' Clarity, Action, Purpose, and Enthusiasm.

"Sometimes you get apprehensive but when the times comes, you just have to step up, and bring out the CAPE!" -Mark K., Rockwell Automation

Growing a business? Facing change? Building a world-class organization? Hire motivational speaker Ron Black and mobilize your organization's everyday superpowers.

Let's chat! 1-800-381-8686, email your meeting details to , or check my availability and book me directly through eSpeakers:

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Leadership Keynote by Ron Black
Unleash Your Everyday Super Powers – Clarity, Action, Purpose, and Enthusiasm – for Business and Life

This interactive program reveals four “everyday superpowers” that transforms intentions into results. Learn how to tap into your superhero, harvest the wisdom of those around you, utilize what you have, and find the traction to move forward.  Build your CAPE with Clarity, Action, Purpose, and Enthusiasm – and take your results from ordinary to extraordinary!

Format 60-90 minute keynote tailored to your meeting objectives in themes of leadership, change, or business growth.

Other Popular Programs

High-Performance Sales & Marketing Program
How A Players Dominate Territories in Today’s Volatile Markets

Is your sales and marketing team playing to win… or playing just to not lose? Tune up your B2B sales and marketing strategies, systems, and tactics to build market share in today’s rapidly changing, challenging, and abundant environment. Accelerate your sales cycle with the principles of Value, Volume, and Velocity.

Format Tailored to your industry, team needs, and business objectives in 60 minute to full-day sessions.

Acrobatics for Overachievers Productivity Program
Productivity and Life Balance for Today’s Ultra-Busy Professionals

Today’s top achievers are plagued with churning priorities, competing deadlines, and long hours. This novel technique combines what we know about high-performance and life-balance choices to improve productivity, job satisfaction, and our overall sense of well-being.

• Simplify priorities, build momentum, and deliver results with control-point strategies

• Find your optimum productivity zone

• Identify and bust your stressors

• Rethink and rebalance your productivity, job satisfaction, and overall well-being

Discover how to get more done, and get home sooner, and have more energy left to live!

Format Keynote, endnote, or break-out of 60-90 minutes.

Black Ops for Leading Change Program
Secrets, Strategies, and Tactics of a Veteran Change Agent

Seize opportunities, boost performance, and create meaningful change with the principles, strategies, and tactics forged from this seasoned change agent’s front-line experience.

GET IN Plan change initiatives with a better perspective using four archetypes of change: Steer; Escalate; Replace; Pioneer.

GET DONE Deploy an effective strategy with Ron’s straight-forward Tune it Up; Shake it Up; or Break it Up principles.

GET OUT Anchor change with systems, process, and culture to secure your advances.

If you can lead change, opportunity abounds!

Format Keynote or break-out of 60-90 minutes.

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Author of Leadership

Are you leading a project or initiative that can't afford to fail?

Leadership Book by Ron Black

It's make or break time for your career. Your next initiative requires the best from everyone on the team—even those who don't report to you. It's time to Trust Your CAPE and lead success like an everyday superhero!

LEADERSHIP details Ron Black's action-oriented blueprint for leading teams, projects, and change initiatives.

"...the culmination of his expertise leveraging the rapid planning he's renowned for ...a must read for any leader/manager or business person wanting success."- 5-Star Reviewer

For more information or to get your copy now...


Everyday superheroes are made, not born.

Ron Black speaks and mentors from experience.

As the founder of nine companies, a four-time turnaround executive, a Fortune 500 marketing VP, and a business advisor to hundreds of entrepreneurs and executives, Ron Black delivers ideas that enlighten, tools that energize, and skills that transform intentions into high-performance results!

"...he knows how to work from where you are right NOW, with what you've got ON HAND, to move you forward. I want Ron on my team." -Bill Metcalf, Technoshift, Inc.

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