Leap Into Projects

Leading Projects & Initiatives Mission Briefing

The Everyday Superhero's Guide to Planning & Delivering High-Stakes Projects and Initiatives

In today’s turbulence and change, projects are an increasingly larger portion of every professional’s job responsibilities. No longer solely the realm of dedicated project managers or department heads, today’s effective professionals must be able to rally around shared purpose, focus limited resources on meaningful outcomes, collaborate and coordinate work across organizational boundaries, and deliver timely results.

This seminar provides a scaled-down, but essential set of project planning, communicating, and control competencies that enables cross-functional teams to better execute with: a coordinated set of priorities; clarity of shared purpose; and a focus on mission-centric results. While compliant with popular standards, this simplified approach empowers professionals to better organize themselves around work, improve inter-departmental collaboration, and achieve project success.


  • Provide a systematic, effective, and scalable planning process
  • Improve project team planning, communication, and control techniques
  • Create a positive interdependence within cross-functional teams and stakeholders


  • How to get projects done even when no one reports to you
  • Identify who, does what, when—and foster willing, authentic participation
  • Learn why start-date management outperforms deadline panic
  • Know who you can trust, and what to do if trust is low
  • Reach beyond departmental boundaries and build more effective teams
  • Win the priority wars and get your project done on time!


30-, 60-, 90-minute sessions; half- and full-day hands-on workshops.

Best Use

Ideal for executive development curriculms, project team kick-off meetings, education track concurrent sessions, and project or change initiative planning retreats.

Planning High-Stakes Projects

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