Leap Into Change

Leading Transformative Change Mission Briefing

Secrets, Strategies, and Tactics of a Veteran Change Agent

For those few who can lead transformative change, opportunity abounds!

Learn how to seize opportunities, boost performance, and create meaningful change with the principles, strategies, and tactics forged from this seasoned change agent’s front-line experience.

Get In  Plan change initiatives with a better perspective using Ron's four change archetypes: Steer; Escalate; Replace; Pioneer. Target key objectives, gather better intelligence, recon the risks and uncover hidden issues before committing resources or your reputation.

Get Done  Deploy an effective strategy. Avoid false starts, dead ends, and time wasters. Deliver timely change with Ron’s straight-forward Tune it Up; Shake it Up; or Break it Up change leadership principles. Know when (and when not) to use each approach and what to expect when you do. Rally your team, build momentum, and transform action into meaningful results.

Get Out  Anchor change with Systems, Process, and Culture to secure your advances. Create a culture of engagement, innovation, fearless collaboration, and unstoppable focus on results to build your organization and expand your professional horizons.

Formats  30, 60, and 90 minutes to full-day workshops. Tailored to your organization, team needs, and business objectives.

Best Use  Ideal for leadership retreats, executive development programs, education track concurrent sessions, and change initiative planning.

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