Even Superheroes Need a Sidekick

Are you in control of your future... or just going along for the ride?

Identify and mobilize your everyday superpowers with structure, collaboration, and seasoned guidance when and where you need it.

Transform your vision into reality with Ron's systematic approach to building profits, strength, and growth. His pragmatic objectivity and ability to focus on core issues, result-producing intensity, and creative wisdom is on tap when and where you need it. With Ron's collaborative assistance you'll achieve envisioned outcomes faster, with fewer setbacks, and with far less risk... and you'll likely have more fun along the way.

SuperTeam Mentoring

Working with Ron to

Build SuperTeam Results

Don't know where to start? Here's a logical approach:

  • Call Ron for an obligation-free chat. Get to know each other. Ask him a hard question and see what you get. Get Clear - Get Going - Get Results!Sample Ron's principled, results-centric thinking. If there's a good fit, you'll know it. There's never a charge for the first call.
  • For help with high-stakes projects and initiatives ask about Ron's on-site, facilitated workshops and blended mentoring programs. He's got a knack for getting people focused, tooled up, and moving towards the results you need. He can blend training, mentoring, and follow-on support and reinforcement systems to radically improve your team's effectiveness and help them deliver the results you need.  His mission-specific Change Wizard and Growth Wizard programs have helped scores of teams climb higher, take those big scary leaps, and stick their landings.
  • If you value peer-to-peer collaboration consider Ron's Super-Sidekick Mentoring. He'll be on tap for you, your key executives, or your designated SuperTeams with his broad experience, proven methodologies, and creative energy to help get the results you need.

Mentoring Options

I know you love it... most great leaders revel in the intensity, responsibility, and satisfaction of leading their organizations. Your talent, drive, and vision got you here.

I know what it's like to lead and I know there are times when we all need a trusted sounding board — someone vested in our success, who understands our values, who brings experience and objectivity, who fearlessly collaborates and engages us in productive conversation — to get clear, get going, and get results.

CEO Sidekick services assists top management in their primary role and responsibilities: to build proftability; strength; growth; and a SuperTeam culture.

I salute your accomplishments. I'm honored that you're considering my services. And, I encourage you to always Trust Your CAPE.

Whether you're battling killer comets, launching an enterprise, or simply building an awesome career, we all go farther and faster when we've got the right team.

Super-Sidekick Mentoring is there when you need it... acting as a sounding board to sharpen your focus, provide objectivity, fearlessly collaborate, and help you bring out the best in yourself and your team.

Change Wizard Mentoring blends consultation, training, and planning facilitation into a powerful force for meaningful change.

Typically deployed as an intensive, three-month initiative, Ron will help you assess your organization's change readiness and choose an appropirate strategic approach. With his onsite training and facilitation assistance you and your core team will learn how to apply his Change Archetype Strategies for Steering, Escalation, Replacement, and Pioneering projects. You'll assess the pros and cons of his Tune-It-Up, Shake-It-Up, or Break-It-Up action tactics. And you'll be ready to lock in your change with Systems, Process, and Culture.

Deployment includes three days of Ron's onsite Planning and Training Facilitation; Weekly Core Team Confers via Zoom; and Open-Access Mentoring.


Growth Wizard Mentoring helps leaders take their sales and marketing to the next level.

Typically deployed as an intensive, three-month initiative, Ron will help you create a strategic growth roadmap, an action plan, and help your team apply his renowned Volume, Velocity, and Value strategic approach.

Deployment includes three days of Ron's onsite Planning and Training Facilitation; Weekly Core Team Confers via Zoom; and Open-Access Mentoring.

What to Expect

Unbiased, Unvarnished, Productive Conversations to Help You Get Focused, Get Creative, and Get Going

Yes, the white hair is real (and I might add, well earned). But please don't jump to conclusions — just because I have over 40 years of business experience doesn't mean I can hand over the secret to success. Your situation, resources, and environment are unique... and rapidly changing. Cloning my past won't fix your future.

I believe that you and your team hold the keys to your success; that what got us here won't keep us here; and that we must work with what we have right now, to build the future we want.

The best solutions can't be found... they must be created.

I encourage you to think of solutions as a process... a never-ending transformative journey. Thus, solutions aren't what we think, but rather how we think.

My mentoring approach helps people get focused, get creative, and get going. Distilled from hundreds of projects, initiatives, startups and turnarounds, my mission-focused approach helps leaders cut through chaos, complexity and change to harvest the wisdom of their teams and create transformative results.

Together we can create the solutions that are right for you. Trust the process. Trust your team. Trust your CAPE.

Mentoring Services

Due to the nature of mentoring services, program access is limited. Your satisfaction and Ron's reputation is mutually dependent on your project's success. Should you or Ron not be satisfied with the progress or working relationship at any time, either party may truncate the services without penalty, fault, or bad will. Any remaining fees will be returned on a prorated basis. All parties agree to their best effort standard of performance.

    • Super-Sidekick

      $ 750 qtr
      • Per Person
      • Onboarding Confer
      • Open-Access Mentoring
      • Monthly Confers
      • Optional Onsite Facilitation
    • CEO's Sidekick

      $ 1,500QTR
      • Per Person
      • Onboarding Confer
      • Open-Access Mentoring
      • Bi-Monthly Confers
      • Optional Onsite Facilitation
    • Growth Wizard
      Change Wizard

      $ 29,500 QTR
      • Per Project Team
      • Onboarding Confer
      • Open-Access Mentoring
      • Weekly Core-Team Confers
      • 3 Onsite Facilitation Days

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