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The ability to learn, adapt, and apply new ideas is today's most important professional competency.

I hope that you find the concepts and techniques on these worksheets, checklists, and articles transformational to your productivity and achievement. I make no warrantee of these documents for fitness to purpose nor any other warranty expressed or implied. As a condition of use, users accept full responsibility for the use of these documents and any or all benefit or liability thereof. Here's to your success!

Business Skills and Strategic Thinking

Situational Blindness can Kill Your Business or Career  Complexity and change are the hallmarks of our age. Things are happening so fast that it is almost impossible to keep up. Learn how to stay situationally alert, protect your business, and find opportunities ahead of the pack.

Mastering the Art of Sales Negotiations This article describes the dynamics of power in sales negotiations and suggests that real power is an earned by building trust and respect.

Negotiation Planning and Preparation Checklist   Improve your negotiation strategies and tactics with this powerful preparation checklist.

Selling and Market Share

Sales Call Allocation Spreadsheet    Use this spreadsheet to strategically allocate your most precious selling resource: TIME – and dominate your territory.

Unstoppable Sales and Marketing Goals Card   Print this card on 4x6 index stock and keep it handy to keep your daily and weekly sales rresults on track.

Marketing Materials Creative Worksheet   Use this one-page micro-marketing plan to keep you sales and marketing communication materials focused on results.

Market Segmenting and Targeting Worksheet   This single page will help you think through and implement effective marketing campaigns.

Unstoppable Sales and Marketing Program Note Organizer   This note organizer provides learners with graphics and step-by-step listings of the key elements in the Unstoppable Sales and Marketing program.

Mastering Successful Sales Conversations Note Organizer   This note organizer provides a graphic learning environment for workshop participants.

Hiring the Sales Superstar   Don't be taken in by looks or style. When you're building your sales team, it's easy to get "sold" by the wrong applicants. Learn how to separate the consistent performers from the pack and build the long-term sales consistency your business needs.

Secrets of Marketing Communications in a Crowded World  Use these proven techniques to makeover your customer communications, sell-sheets, emails, and websites. You'll stop even the busiest multi-tasker dead in their tracks, grab their attention, titillate their curiosity, win their interest, and ease their transition to the next step.

Time Management, Productivity, and Life Balance

Managing Urgency–Panic is Not My Friend!  Learn how to create your optimal zone of achievement, get more done, and get home sooner with a little more energy left over for the things that are really important. This novel approach to managing your personal schedule has revolutionized the way thousands of the world's most productive people achieve more without resorting to "harder", "longer", or "faster". Your customers, your family, your body will approve!

Acrobatics for Overachievers  Organize your control points and boost your productivity with this graphical learner's guide.

Leading Projects and Change Initiatives

Project Planning Guide Step-by-Step  Use this simple step-by-step guide to plan your next project as rapidly and effectively as possible. Lists key initiation considerations, eight steps to creating a realistic project plan, the seven steps of using MS Project, and three MS Project cautions to keep you as productive as possible.

Project Concept Screening Checklist  For top management and others who are responsible for selecting and prioritizing projects. In an age of explosive growth and constant change, business leaders must accurately identify business imperatives and fully fund those projects and initiatives that will drive their success into the future. This checklist will help you separate the "nice-to-haves" from the "got-to-haves", and apply your precious resources for maximal strategic return.

Project Charter Form  Get your project leadership off to a fast and effective start with this easy to use check sheet that will help you identify the project's goals and objectives, and communicate the project leadership's roles, responsibilities, and limits of authority.

Project Initiation Form and Checklist  A one-page screening, charter, and initiation document for smaller projects. Carry one in your portfolio for those surprise "opportunities to excel" that your boss or client throws your way.

Statement of Work Template  Avoid frequently made mistakes, improve your understanding of the project, and set yourself up for effective project communications. This simple document is not all-inclusive, rather it serves as a starting point and helps you identify essential elements of your project that must be communicated to all, from your core team to the most remote, but none-the-less essential, stakeholder.

Information Technology Statement of Work Template   Designed for the special needs of information technology projects, this short checklist will help you ask the right questions and keep your project team focused on success from the very beginning.

Project Preplanning Checklist  The best way to finish fast is to start a little slower. Asking the right questions before you begin planning will help you choose the most appropriate strategy, identify false assumptions, and prevent missing easily ignored essentials.

Construction Project Planning Checklist  A great starting point for your own pre-bid analysis check sheet.

Scope Change Request Form  Controlling scope-creep is easy with this one-page document. Use it to gather background information, access the potential impact on time, resources, and budget. Set yourself up to effectively negotiate all changes from the baseline plan and stay in control of the success of your project.

PERT Analysis Excel Spreadsheet  As described in Ron's books and seminars, this spreadsheet can be used to calculate a project's optimistic and pessimistic critical path durations at various levels of probability. It corrects the flawed optimistic and pessimistic duration calculations provided in Microsoft Project

Project Management Glossary  Learn how to speak and think like a seasoned project management professional with this comprehensive glossary. Compliant with all major governing bodies and international standards.

Reprint Permission

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