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Tap Into Your Inner Superhero

Recognize and Mobilize Your Everyday Superpowers

Are you optimizing results? Are you getting the most from your team?

Most entrepreneurs enjoy a well-founded sense of satisfaction, pride in accomplishment, and allure of untapped opportunities. What others don't realize is the inherent risk and worries—all too often, lots of worries. You work long hours, are thinking about work even when you shouldn't, take on more responsibilities than any eight-to-fiver could ever imagine, and you love it! It's all yours.

Effective business leaders focus on profits, strength, and growth... and never lose sight of their vision

I understand your pride and sense of accomplishment. And having owned and operated nine businesses and having climbed to the very top ranks of corporate America as a VP in a Fortune 500 company, I understand how business and personal success are closely entwined. And I understand how lonely it can be at the top.

Even with the worries, long hours, risks, and challenges, self-employment can be richly rewarding. I salute your accomplishments, and I encourage you to never lose sight of your vision.

Are you living the life you envisioned?

Success goes beyond staying afloat. Generating profits, creating financial strength, dominating chosen markets, and maximizing sustainable growth may all sound like success to most entrepreneurs and executives—but be careful.

Personal and professional
success is tightly entwined

These are certainly essential to business success, but what about you... your family... your community? I believe that success is being able to live the life of your dreams, including happiness, health, relationships, and community. How about you?

But first things, first. Happiness is a positive cash-flow. For business leaders, Maslow's hierarchy remains in full force and effect.

My goal is to help you stay focused on what success means to you; and to help you get there as rapidly and as safely as possible. Do you own your business... are you living the life you envisioned?

Build the Business You Envision

Your next step

Don't know where to start? Here's a logical choice:

1. Call Ron for an obligation-free chat. Get to know who he is, how he thinks, and what he values. If there's a good fit, you'll know it. In any case, you might just pick up a modicum of useful, action-centric thinking Ron is renowned for. There's never a charge for the first hour.

2. If you're looking for team results or technical content, call and let's chat about an on-site training program designed specifically for your needs and objectives. You might find exactly what you need in my existing training programs.

Buisness Mentorand coach Ron Black3. If you're ramping up or rolling out a venture, project, or initiative, check out the Project Mentoring and Executive Sounding Board support services below. They're designed expressly for closely-held businesses, small business owners, and corporate executives: business mentoring assistance when and where you need it!

Finally, you don't have to go it alone

Now you can enjoy the benefits of Ron's experience and creative genius on a project-by-project or longer-term basis—putting his hands-on experience of launching literally hundreds of new companies, new products, and new services, all to work for you.

Employ Ron's systematic approach to building profits, strength, nd growth; his pragmatic objectivity and ability to help you cut to the core issues at hand; and his result-producing intensity when and where you need them. With Ron's collaborative assistance you'll achieve your envisioned outcomes faster, with fewer setbacks, and with far less risk.

You can learn more about Ron's mentoring, coaching, and executive support services below.

Are you in control of your future... or just going along for the ride?

Unleash Your Organization's Potential

Mentor and Sounding Board programs will help turn your vision into reality. By adding structure, collaboration, and guidance when and where you need it, you'll get there sooner, safer, and in all likelihood, have more fun along the way!

Ron will help you identify and mobilize your everyday superpowers!

Project Mentor

If you sense that your vision needs refinement before you’re ready to proceed, the Project Mentor program might be just what you need. It’s designed to help you turn a fuzzy vision into a focused step-by-step process that will create the results you want! Ron can help you think through the entire process: what you intend to achieve; what you have to work with; how you're going to get there; and when you'll make it all happen. Together you'll identify core objectives, pitfalls, milestones, and imperatives. You'll assess approaches, identify resources, and create an appropriately detailed action plan using the resources you actually have.

This is no pie-in-the-sky process. You'll be enlisting Ron's depth of experience, systematic approach, and creative genius. But be forewarned. This approach is not for everyone or for every project. Admission is limited and by application only. You and Ron must agree that the program is appropriate for you and your project. If it isn’t, your application fee is promptly returned.

The Project Mentor program is divided into four stages:

1. Review To insure that the program will fit your needs and objectives, your vision and values are discussed and your statement of needs will be reviewed. There is no fee or committment for this Review. You and Ron must be comfortable with the relationship, the objectives, and the risks. We'll both be investing time and energy to make sure the program serves your needs.

To limit the applicants to serious inquiries only, a $1000 retainer is required to schedule the next stage, Assessment.

2. Assessment The goals, objectives, intended outcomes, available resources, time-line, strategic approaches, alternatives, and overall risk assessment are mapped out and discussed using Ron's systematic rapid-planning methodology. At this point a close estimate of the program’s scope, duration, and targeted outcomes can likely be estimated. Depending on the findings: if the project moves forward Ron will provide a proposal and lot net fee for the Detailed Action Planning stage. The $1000 retainer will be held on account and applied to future billings.

If you are not delighted at this point or if Ron for any reason chooses to not move forward, the entire retainer is returned.

Transform your intentions into results

3. Detailed Action Planning Using Ron’s systematic approach and his guidance, you will create strategically appropriate and adequately detailed project action plan including the identification of your intended outcomes, operational imperatives, risk assessment, key milestones, a work schedule, resource requirements, funding requirements, and other elements depending on the project’s scope and complexity.

Action plans vary greatly: each business owner has varying degrees of planning skills; there are no two business projects alike: nor is there any perfect text-book approach. Consequently this stage of the program ranges in time to complete and your required investment will range accordingly -- you'll always be in control -- and we'll engage within the boundaries, goals, and objectives established during the Review and Assessment stages.

Together we'll build a realistic action plan that uses the resources you actually have to work with right now. Ron will be with you every step of the way, helping you focus effort on actions that move your business forward.

4. Implementation Review and Confers To keep your project on track and on-time you’ll have unlimited email and telephone access to Ron for periodic progress reviews as determined in the Detailed Action Planning phase. Business owners who benefit from more structure may schedule formal contact times to discuss progress, obstacles, and performance. Others choose to contact Ron only as-needed.

To get started, or to chat with Ron about how this program can benefit your organization's projects and initiatives, call 800-381-8686. See for yourself if Project Mentor Service is a good fit for your needs.

Advisory Board Sidekick

Even superheroes need a team. It's easy to lose sight of your vision while you're dealing with the inevitable urgencies of the day. Who's watching the horizon? Who's helping you refine ideas? Who's got your back?

Tomorrow's success is created today

As your Advisory Board Sidekick I'll help you systematically identify business imperatives, provide an objective point of view, add a creative voice when problem-solving, and help you remain strategically focused.

After an initial interview and acceptance into the program I'm continuously on call -phone, email, text, Skype, and Factime - ready to challenge your thinking, bolster your impetus, or hold you accountable. The frequency of contact is completely up to you. Some clients call weekly, reviewing achievements, challenges, or asking me to weigh in on their decisions. Others prefer monthly conversations, reviewing key objectives and assessing their options with my facilitated, systematic approach. Others just like to keep me at the ready--my objectivity, depth of experience, systematic approach, and business sense constantly available for when they need it. 

The initial interview consists of a discussion detailing your vision, values, current situation, and any on-going challenges. The more information I have about your business and your vision of the future, the more I'm able to help sharpen your focus, identify key priorities, and help you create the measurable progress you’re looking for.

If you're invoking change, growth, or business critical initiatives, Ron's pragmatic objectivity and systematic approach added to your determination and experience creates a winning combination!

Membership in the Advisory Board Sidekick program is limited. Because the pace of contact ebbs and flows with each client's needs, Sidekick services are provided in quarterly bookings at $500/monthly, $1,425/quarterly, or $5,400/yearly.

will confirm your full access to Ron via telephone, email, and video conferencing. When it is mutually convenient, Ron prefers to meet in person.

From that point forward Ron is on your team, acting as advisor, coach, and confidant. Whenever you need him he’s as close as your phone and email, helping you solve problems, identify alternatives, and prioritizing your efforts.

There’s no limit to the number of calls or emails you can make. The frequency of contact is completely up to you. Calls are typically returned within an hour or two and email is replied to within 24 hours (excluding weekends and holidays).

"There just could not be a better speaker or business consultant to help you get out of the ditch or up to the next level. Time and time again over his career, Ron was thrown into tough business situations and through resourcefulness, drive, and an unrelenting belief in a positive outcome, he prevailed.
Best of all, he knows how to work from where you are right NOW with what you've got ON HAND to begin to move you forward.
I want Ron Black on my team."
Bill Metcalf, TechnoShift, Inc., (708) 386-5010

To consider Ron as your Sounding Board Advisor, call 800-381-8686. There's never a fee for the first hour.